WotF33 Q3 Winners

Congratulations to the writer winners of Q3 for the next anthology, WotF33!

  1. Jake Marley from California
  2. Ville Marilainen from Finland
  3. C.L. Kagmi from Michigan

And congratulations to all the finalists, semi-finalist, silver honorable mentions and honorable mentions--and congratulations even if you didn't make the list, because you wrote a story and you sent it in, and that is a victory in itself.

4th November 2016

Tangent Online reviews WotF32

Tangent Online have reviewed the WotF32 anthology, with some wonderful compliments for several of the stories:

“Images Across a Shattered Sea” by Stewart C Baker was excellent. Somewhat reminiscent of Le Guin’s The Lathe of Heaven but using technology, the story opens with a pair trying to net shimmering message globes by the Shattered Sea. As the story progresses one finds nothing is what it seems and what it seems changes with almost every paragraph. You quickly care about the characters and the twist at the end is well worth the buildup.

3rd November 2016

New Story: Quartet of the Far-Blown Winds by Matt Dovey

Matt's flash fiction space opera story, "Quartet of the Far-Blown Winds," is out in the November issue of Flash Fiction Online. It's only 1000 words long, but it still packs all the sense of wonder and feels as big as longer space opera stories:

Silence is the great divider. Perhaps that is why Melinda wields it so effectively against me.

In the silence of space, solar winds flash green, pink and yellow across the gas giant before me, the aurorae twisting like sea worms. Folded nebulae of colour and gravity stretch across the darkness behind it, unimaginable arms of light like grasping gods. Dust twinkles all around me as it vaporises in the antimatter field of our ships.

Quartet of the Far-Blown Winds at Flash Fiction Online

1st November 2016

Stephen Merlino now a SFWA member

Stephen Merlino has become a member of SFWA with his self-published novel, Jack of Souls, set in the same universe as his WotF-winning story.

Nice work, Stephen!

1st November 2016

Reprint: Stories Across the Shattered Sea, by Stewart C Baker

Stewart's story from the WotF32 anthology has been reprinted online at Kasma SF and is now completely free to read there.

The air on the cliffs above the Shattered Sea was hot as a furnace and twice as dry. Still, Driss couldn't suppress a shiver at the way the shimmering message-globe moved through the sky, dozens of meters above the churning, black waves.

He had seen the globes before, of course, but only after they'd been captured and put on display in the village's cozy museum. It didn't quite seem real, the way the little ball bobbed and danced on the breeze, drifting ever so slowly towards Fatima where she stood atop a heap of boulders at the edge of the cliff.

"Here it comes," she said, waving her net back and forth as she hopped from foot to foot.

Images Across a Shattered Sea at Kasma Online.

1st November 2016

New Story: The Invisible Stars, by Ryan Row

Ryan has a story published at the ever-excellent Shimmer:

He first learned to speak sitting outside their windows at night. A veil of kitchen or living room light above, watching the shadows of suburban rose bushes and apple trees drift in the yard as he listened. Family dinner. A TV. A radio. Two lovers screaming at each other. An old man talking to a brightly colored bird. The words were too soft for his mouth, and his mandibles ached as he whispered a garbled, carapaced version of human speech to himself and to the washed-out sky. In the direction of his lost home.

The Invisible Stars, at Shimmer.

14th October 2016

New Story: The Plumes of Enceladus by Stewart C Baker

Stewart has a new story out in Abyss & Apex this month. You can read "The Plumes of Enceladus" here.

Just after lift-off, a man walked up behind Andry and rested one hand on the handle of her wheelchair as if he knew her.

"Quite something, isn't it?" he said, gesturing with his free hand at the floor-to-ceiling window of the public climber.

Andry grunted, wondering if he was trying to flirt with her. More likely he was talking down to her, mistaking her lack of legs for a lack of wits as all too many did. Instead of responding, she kept looking out at the white-flecked gray rock of the Andes as it receded into the vastness of the Pacific.

Chimborazo Spindle was a marvel, truly. All the spindles were. Every time Andry rode a climber, she remembered her grandmother's speeches about the view from the long-gone ISS. But she had seen the Earth recede from the window of a climber car a dozen times now, and it had started to take on the flatness of commonplace. The man wasn't helping.

1st October 2016

WotF33 Q2 Winners

The full list of winners, finalist, semi-finalists and honorable mentions for the second quarter of the next volume of Writers of the Future, WotF33, has also been posted this week. Congratulations to the three latest winners:

  1. Doug Souza from California
  2. Walter Dinjos from Nigeria
  3. Stephen Lawson from Kentucky

The fourth and final quarter for volume 33 closes on 30th September, so if you were planning an entry, your time grows short. Good luck!

16th September 2016

WotF33 Q1 Winners

The full list of winners, finalist, semi-finalists and honorable mentions for the first quarter of the next volume of Writers of the Future, WotF33, has been announced. Congratulations in particular to the three winners:

  1. Dustin Steinacker from Utah
  2. Sean Hazlett from California
  3. Anton Rose from the United Kingdom
Welcome to the family!

15th September 2016

New Story: Who Binds and Looses the World with Her Hands, by Rachael K Jones

Of course Rachael has another story out. Her publications are the inevitable heartbeat of the universe, the metric against we measure all time.

On days when Selene locked me in the lighthouse, an old familiar darkness would well up within me, itching my skin like it had shrunk too tight to contain my anger any longer. I had grown accustomed to the rage’s ebb and flow, sometimes bubbling near the surface, sometimes dormant as a seed awaiting the right time to break open. But it always rose to high tide on my days of confinement.

Who Binds and Looses the World with Her Hands at Nightmare Magazine.

14th September 2016

New Story: The Lives of Riley, by Sean Williams

WotF32 judge and guest author Sean Williams has a new short story from his Twinmaker world out in Lightspeed Magazine today:

The sirens are growing louder. Riley doesn’t know how the peacekeepers found out—he was so careful, so sure he’d covered every trace of his existence, all of it—but that’s less important now than getting away. He cannot afford to make any more mistakes.

The Lives of Riley, at Lightspeed Magazine.

14th September 2016

New Story: Five Recipes You Can't Live Without, by Stewart C Baker

Stewart has a story in the first issue of Spirit's Tincture, Five Recipes You Can't Live Without:

One — Vanilla-Almond and Anise Cupcakes

  1. Preheat oven to 350 F
  2. With your dead sister’s image foremost in your mind, chant an awakening spell and light a stick of absinthe-infused sandalwood afire

Spirit's Tincture, Issue 1 (turn to page 30)

2nd September 2016

Blog Post: Matt Dovey on Conflict in Squalor & Sympathy

Matt Dovey has written another blog post dissecting his winning story, this time discussing how to add enough conflict into a story: Anatomy of a Golden Pen: Conflict

23rd August 2016

WotF32 eBook on sale!

The eBook version of the anthology is on sale for a limited time at 99 cents in the US and the UK. Choose your preferred eBook vendor from the links on the right and get a copy now--it will never be cheaper than this!

12th August 2016

New Podcast: Squalor & Sympathy, by Matt Dovey

PodCastle have released an audio production of Matt's story from WotF32, Squalor & Sympathy, narrated in a proper Lancashire accent by Louise Ratcliffe. It's available to download for free now as episode 427.

3rd August 2016

New Story: Reclamation, by Ryan Row

Ryan has a story out today in Clarkesworld, one of the top pro markets:

The stars change. One cycle they are fine and dense, and she sifts them between her fingers like sand. One cycle they are fireflies, and she’s back on Earth, sipping a beer and sweating poetry in the Mojave, where she’s from. One cycle they are open mouths crying the future in unison. Space is all prophecy, as far as she can tell. Space is all future, all drift and slide.

She is Drift now by any definition. If she survives this, she will make people call her that. She slides through space. It’s a fall toward nothing. The stars, this cycle, are little hearts that beat slow in time with her breath.

Reclamation on Clarkesworld

2nd August 2016

New Story: Mamihlapinatapei, by Rachael K. Jones

Another month, another story by Rachael, and it is--of course--about dinosaurs.

On Navarino Island off the coast of Chile, Marta mops outside the tyrannosaurus habitat as the tourists press in to see the dinosaurs.

They come with their reluctant children in tow. They weave their fingers through chicken-wire fences and gaze down into open pits while the kids tug at their legs and demand ice cream. Outside the tyrannosaurus pen, the children snub the King of Lizards and chase the gulls instead.

For these children, there has never been a world without dinosaurs.

Mamihlapinatapei at Flash Fiction Online

1st August 2016

New stories: Rachael & Stewart in IGMS

Rachael & Stewart are sharing a Table of Contents again in this month's issue of Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show.

Rachael's story is The Raptor Snatchers:

Dad said you can't buy friends, but that's not always true, because I bought my best friend Zilla with my tenth birthday money. She didn't cost much because velociraptors were pests, which meant there were too many of them in Absence, and nobody liked them. Rooster's Rescue was overflowing with raptors.

And Stewart's story is The View from Driftwise Spindle:

The plural for meeting, thought Gayatri Anwar, ought to be headache. And even for a surface stint, where meetings always played a heavy role, she'd had a lot of headaches since the Martian Disaster. The announcement that a rogue planetoid had struck their sister planet, and that meteor-sized pieces of ejecta would crash into Earth in five months' time, had everyone scrambling to get off-planet. Driftwise, as the only spindle with no ties or obligations to a particular nation, seemed to be bearing the brunt of the attention.

11th July 2016

WotF32 on Publishers' Weekly bestseller list!

After placing on the B&N bestseller list, #WotF32 has now officially made it onto the Publisher's Weekly Fantasy bestseller list for the four week period ending May 29th according to Nielsen BookScan data. Congratulations to all the bestselling authors & illustrators in the anthology!

7th July 2016

New story: The Night Bazaar for Women Becoming Reptiles, by Rachael K Jones

Rachael has a new story at Beneath Ceaseless Skies today, The Night Bazaar for Women Becoming Reptiles:

In the desert, all the footprints lead into Oasis, and none lead out again. They come for water, and once they find it, no one returns to the endless sand. The city is a prison with bars of thirst and heat.

Outside the gates the reptiles roam: asps and cobras, great lazing skinks, tortoises who lie down to doze in the heat. Where they go as they pad and swish and claw their way through the sand, no one knows, save the women who look over the walls and feel the deep itching pressure in their bones, the weight of skin in need of sloughing.

It's free to read online, or--even better--free to listen on the BCS podcast.

7th July 2016

Radio interview: Matt Dovey

Matt Dovey was interviewed by Robin & Larry of WOCA The Source about life, writing & the contest, and the half-hour recording is available on YouTube now.

31st May 2016

Group interview: Mind Meld

Sean, Stewart, Stephen, Matt, Jon & Christoph gathered round a virtual table for an SF Signal Mind Meld (hosted on James Aquilone's site, following SF Signal's shut down) to answer: what are your favorite visions of the future in the SF genre?

Five of the answers are insightful and intellectual. One is based on the spaceships being bigger and spikier. Find out which one: MIND MELD: Visions of the Future.

26th May 2016

New Story: The Mother of Sands, by Stewart C Baker

Stewart C Baker has a reprint online at Digital Fiction Pub today.

Smilšu māte, mother of sands--how I wish I had never heard that name, that I had never learned what waits on the far shore of that river we must cross upon dying. But I have, and I did, and I must share what I witnessed with you, my closest friends.

The Mother of Sands at Digital Fiction Pub.

25th May 2016

Blog post: JW Alden recaps the workshop week

JW has posted the third post of his WotF blog series, recounting the week of the workshop and displaying the many aesthetic views of the back of his head.

24th May 2016

Blog: Matt Dovey recaps the WotF32 week for Kobo Writing Life

Writer Matt Dovey has been featured on the Kobo Writing Life blog this week with a pair of guest posts, detailing the week that was. If you want to get a glimpse of what life was like in Hollywood for one week in April--the excitement and the madness--have a read.

Living the Dream: Writers of the Future - Part One
Living the Dream: Writers of the Future - Part Two

With thanks to Mark Lefebvre, guest speaker from the 30th WotF gala and Director of Self-Publishing & Author Relations for Kobo, for the opportunity.

20th May 2016

New story: Project Earth is Leaving Beta, by JW Alden

The new flash story up at Nature Futures today is by our own JW Alden.

Dear Backers,

The beta test of Project Earth is finally over. We can't thank you enough for your patience and generosity during our crowdfunding period. But before we roll out Earth 1.0, there's a few things you should know.

First, the bad news: this update comes with a server wipe.

Project Earth is Leaving Beta at Nature Futures.

19th May 2016

Interview: Christina Alberici

Autumn Evelyn (aka Christina Alberici) was interviewed on WOCA The Source Radio today; you can view a recording of it on YouTube.

16th May 2016

Blog: JW Alden interviews Christina Alberici

Continuing his posts on WotF32, JW Alden has posted an interview with his illustrator Autumn Evelyn (credited in the anthology as Christina Alberici) about her illustration, her inspirations, and her hopes for the future.

WotF Recap, Part 2: The Art (with Autumn Evelyn)

10th May 2016

Launch day!

Writers of the Future volume 32 is available now! It's on sale all over the place--check the links on the right. And thank you to everyone for all the phenomenal support we've had; it means so much to have so many people cheering us on. We're ecstatic to share these stories and illustrations with you at last, and we hope you enjoy them!

--the writers & illustrators of Volume 32

3rd May 2016

New Stories: Stewart C Baker

Q1 winner Stewart C Baker has one new story and one reprint out today in two different venues:

  • "Just Another Night at the Abandoned Draft Bar and Grill" in Galaxy\'s Edge follows the metafictional misadventures of three put-upon novel characters. Will they be able to succeed in teaching their author how to write a decent story?
  • "Love and Relativity" in Flash Fiction Online tells the story of Indira, a woman with a big bibliography and a big problem. (Originally appeared in Nature Physics in November 2015.)

2nd May 2016

Stephen Merlino Featured in University of Washington Newspaper

Writer winner Stephen Merlino was featured in an article in The Daily, the University of Washington's newspaper. Merlino graduated from UW in 1988 with a Bachelor's in English. You can read the article at The Daily's website.

30th April 2016

Writer Winner Stephen Merlino Awarded Silver IPPY for Indie-Published Novel

Stephen receives his award at the Writers of the Future gala

Stephen Merlino's novel The Jack of Souls received a silver medal from the Independent Publishers Book Awards (or IPPYs) earlier this week! Stephen's winning story, also titled "Jack of Souls," is set in the same universe as his novel and acts as a prequel. You can learn more about the IPPY award at The Independent Publisher's Award Announcement.

15th April 2016

No Sh!t, There I was... Anthology

Writer winners Matt Dovey, Stewart C Baker, and Rachael K Jones—along with more than 20 other fine writers—have stories in Alliteration Ink's No Sh!t, There I was anthology, which is edited by Rachael Acks and currently live on Kickstarter. Check it out: No Sh!t, There I Was - An Anthology of Improbable Tales

15th April 2016

Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winners

Matt Dovey and Adrian Massaro pose with their grand prize trophies

Huge congratulations to the Golden Pen and Golden Brush winners for volume 32, Matt Dovey and Adrian Massaro! This marks the first time in the contest's history that the winners were writer and illustrator of the same story. You can read more in this press release from Galaxy Press: Matt Dovey and Adrian Massaro Top 2016 Writers and Illustrators of the Future Awards

12th April 2016

Writers and Illustrators of the Future Gala: Watch Online!

It's finally here! The writer and illustrator winners of Writers and Illustrators of the Future, volume 32 converged upon the Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles last night to officially receive their awards and give their acceptance speeches. You can watch the entire 2 hours worth of award ceremony on YouTube: 2016 Writers of the Future Awards Event

11th April 2016

Blog: Workshop Day 6

Echo Chernick and Ron and Val Lindahn check a portfolio

Another great day of lectures from award-winning writers and illustrators like Nancy Kress, Larry Niven, Echo Chernik, and Olivia Wise made day 6 hard to forget. More details and photos on the main Writers of the Future website: Day 6 - Writers of the Future Volume 32 Workshop

10th April 2016

Blog: Workshop Day 5

Winners and judges gather at a BBQ after the day's workshop

Day 5 kicked off guest lectures for the writers and illustrators of volume 32, from industry pros like Orson Scott Card, Larry Elmore, and Locus Magazine's Lisa Trombi. More details and photos on the main Writers of the Future website: Day 5 - Writers of the Future Volume 32 Workshop

9th April 2016

Blog: Workshop Day 4

Writers and illustrators pose with the story illustrations

After the writers put the finishing touches (or not) on their 24-hour stories, the two groups of winners met with the official revelation of the brilliant illustrations that fill the anthology. More details and photos on the main Writers of the Future website:Day 4 - Writers of the Future Volume 32 Workshop

8th April 2016

Blog: Workshop Day 3

writer winners pose with Dave Farland

The illustrator workshop officially started today with instruction from Val and Ron Lindahn, and writers got started on the dreaded 24-hour story. More details and photos on the main Writers of the Future website: Day 3 - Writers of the Future Volume 32 Workshop

7th April 2016

Blog: Workshop Day 2

Illustrators of the Future group shot The Illustrators of the Future winners have arrived in LA ready to begin their workshop, and the writers have begun their first day under the instruction of David Farland and Tim Powers, and received the objects for their 24 hour writing challenge. More details & photos are on the main WotF website: Day 2 – Writers of the Future Volume 32 Workshop.

6th April 2016

Blog: Workshop Day 1

The class of WotF32 The writers have all arrived in LA and met their instructors and guides for the week, ready to start their busy schedule in the morning. There are photos and a write up in the first summary blog post on the main Writers of the Future website: Day 1 – Writers of the Future Volume 32 Workshop.

5th April 2016

New story: When Lydia Becomes a Dinosaur, by Rachael K Jones

Rachael K Jones has another story out today, at Daily Science Fiction: When Lydia Becomes a Dinosaur.

Experts estimate that by 2020, all short fiction will be authored by Rachael K Jones, and they will all be dinosaur stories. Early reception to this conjecture has been enthusiastic.

5th April 2016

Kickstarter launched for Untethered: A Magic iPhone Anthology

Q4 1st place winner Jon Lasser is in Untethered: a Magic iPhone Anthology, a collection of twenty short stories themed around smartphones and the magic that bubbles just under their surface. The Kickstarter just launched today, so go show your support and secure a copy early!

31st March 2016

New story: Indigo Blue, by Rachael K Jones

Rachael K Jones has a new story out in Shimmer issue 30, available to read free online now.

Above the shuttleport ticket line, migrating orison-birds roosted in twos and tens and hundreds on the skylight before lifting and wheeling east, toward the distant winter nesting grounds. Lucy thought glowfall on Indigo must look something like those flashing blue wings refracting the sunlight, but she might never find out, because far up in the shuttleport line, someone else had bought the last ticket to the planet. The last glowing sales-counter sign winked out.

Indigo Blue on Shimmer

29th March 2016

Jon Lasser accepted for Clarion West 2016

Continuing his domination of 2016, Jon Lasser has been accepted into the class of 2016 for Clarion West.

Clarion is the premier writing workshop in the world, an intensive six week course, with only a limited number of participants selected on the strength of their writing. Instructors for Clarion West 2016 include Elizabeth Bear, N. K. Jemisin and Sheila Williams.

28th March 2016

New podcast: Showing Faeries for Fun and Profit, by Julie Frost

Far Fetched Fables have posted an audio version of Julie Frost's story “Showing Faeries for Fun and Profit”, originally published in the July 2013 Stupefying Stories Showcase.

I dodged through picketers into the Expo Center, dragging a cart loaded with four aquariums and a box of tiny furniture, and swearing under my breath. Greg Carson waved to me from across the show floor, and I made my way over to him through the general chaos that always attended the Annual Clearfield County Faerie Show. “I saved you a spot, Emily,” he said.

“Thanks.” I rolled my eyes as I set my aquariums on the table. “The faerie rights activists give you any problems?”

Far Fetched Fables No.99: Julie Frost & David Steffen

22nd March 2016

Win a signed copy of WotF32

Stewart C. Baker, one of the first place winners for volume 32, is running a giveaway for a copy of the anthology signed by him and whomever else he can grab hold of during the week--if you can guess which of the four 1st place stories is his. Enter on his website now!

22nd March 2016

#WotF32 Winners shortlisted for James White Award

Jon Lasser and Matt Dovey, winners in #WotF32, have both been shortlisted for the James White Award for best new writer. The winner will be announced on Sunday 27th March at Mancunicon.

Both were first place winners in #WotF32, which means they are now competing for both the Golden Pen and the James White Award. Rumours of duelling at dawn are accurate and well-founded. The chosen weapon is believed to be Zeppelin Warfare.

20th March 2016

R. M. Graves wins in Ice Nine Contest

R. M. Graves has placed in Blue Monday Review's Ice-Nine Contest, with his story Junction. You can read the story now, for free and in full, at the BMR blog: Junction, by R. M. Graves.

18th March 2016

TV Interview: Julie Frost

Julie Frost was interviewed on PCTV Mountain Morning Show about her win and her writing on March 3rd, and the full segment is available to view online now on YouTube.

7th March 2016

New story: This is the Sound of the End of the World, by Matt Dovey

Matt Dovey has a story online at Flash Fiction Online, free to read from today.

This is the sound of the end of the world: a billion voices raised in song, a harmony twisting and ululating around the colossal vibrating bass of the core immolators, twelve shining lances of light from the Yattari ships that pierce the now-dying planet of Korthia at equidistant points and pin it in space like a dissected animal on a metal tray.

This is the Sound of the End of the World at Flash Fiction Online.

1st March 2016

New writer interview: Kate Julicher

C. Stuart Hardwick has posted another writer interview, with Kate Julicher, published finalist (or as she prefers, 'Editor's Choice').

Meet the Winners: Kate Julicher

19th February 2016

New writer interview: Julie Frost

C. Stuart Hardwick has posted the next in his series of writer interviews, this time with Julie Frost, not-so-secret werewolf.

Meet the Winners: Julie Frost

9th February 2016

Published finalist announced

Further to the twelve winners stories, the published finalist has been announced as KD Julicher. KD's story will appear in the anthology.

7th February 2016

New stories: Rachael K Jones

Rachael K Jones has three (three!) new stories out today at different venues:

1st February 2016

New writer interview: Matt Dovey

C. Stuart Hardwick has posted the first in his series of writer interviews, this time with Matt Dovey, Englishman and tea-drinker.

Meet the Winners: Matt Dovey

25th January 2016

4th Quarter winners announced

Results for the final quarter have been announced! In 1st place is Jon Lasser, who will be competing for the Golden Pen award in April; 2nd place is Stephen Merlino, and 3rd place is Julie Frost.

7th January 2016